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ECOLIGHT team of electricians in March 2021 finished second project of lighting renovation in Kessler & Co. GmbH & Co. KG factory No. 1 (Abtsgmünd, Germany). Our electricians were working in Abtsgmünd since late October 2020 till mid of March 2021. In total we installed over 1100 different lights produced by our factory (RADIUS, LUMINA, SAULA, ELUMA and LINAS OFFICE). Installation incl. disassemble of old lights and change of power cables.

In 2019 we were working in newly built factory No. 4. At that time our installers installed over 1000 lights (mainly RADIUS, ELUMA and LUMINA) incl. all power cables. Kessler & Co. GmbH & Co. KG is using our lights since 2016 when they were installed first time by our sales partner in Germany - RMBH GmbH (

Kessler + Co is a leading manufacturer of drive components for heavy mobile equipment. We develop and produce planetary axles, wheel drives, and gearboxes for a variety of different applications including construction equipment, mobile cranes, material handling equipment and mining vehicles. With a production area of 90.000 sq. metres Kessler + Co produces approximately 45.000 axles and gearboxes per year and generates an annual turnover of about € 400 Million.
Date of installation: IV QRT 2020 -I QRT 2021.
Project implemented together with our German partner - RMBH GmbH.

More information about Kessler+Co HERE.



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