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Even long before COVID-19 pandemic broke up, we together with our Czech partner NBB Bohemia, started to develop very special LINAS OFFICE LED LO VIS+UVA luminaire which is dedicated to activate FN NANO® photocatalytic coatings. Now we are very happy to present this product right on time when demand for such products is very high. 

The difference from the main competition on the market which are offering UVC products UVA light is a small fraction of normal daylight and is absolutely not harmful for people. The active component in the FN NANO® photocatalytic coating is titanium dioxide (TiO2) which is also completely inert and well-known for its compatibility with humans.


FN NANO® photocatalytic coatings applied on ceilings and walls with the assistance of soft UVA light eliminates the 2019-nCoV coronaviruses in the air and on surfaces. The popularity of nano-coatings grew dramatically during the 2002-2003 SARs epidemic as an effective non-chemical mechanism to ward off viruses.

TIO2 explanation

LINAS OFFICE VIS+UVA lamp with a wavelength of 365nm is used for activation of the FN NANO® coatings to replace UVA which comes from sunlight in indoor applications. Today FN NANO® multifunctional coatings are used in hospitals, airports, public places, homes, restaurants, schools and more. 

FN Nano range

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